Furniture Industry Suppliers for Over 40 Years

North Carolina has earned the title of Furniture Capital of the World through a solid and expanding presence of furniture makers dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, and design.

We are honored to have served the furniture industry for over 40 years.  We keep in-stock inventory of the unique supplies used in this trade, including spring twine for 8 way hand tied furniture, bandsaws, cardboard panels, tacking strips, sewing thread, bobbins, and welt cord.  Our inventory management program and local, dedicated deliveries for these customers allows them to maximize their floor space for production rather than for inventory.

Atlantic is invested in the success of our furniture making customers, using our vast network to locate any new supplies they need and offering fast turnaround with competitive pricing.

Contact Atlantic Packaging today to learn more about our successful partnerships with furniture makers.

Employment Opportunity – Web Developer, Programmer

We’re seeking a web developer to work in-house on web design, site integration, and collaboration with a creative marketing team for an established company of over 1,000 employees.

Our company consists of dedicated sales, support, and manufacturing positions around the US, primarily in the southeast. The marketing team serves the greater needs of the organization in creative, unique ways and the developer is a key part of this process in terms of strategy, planning, and implementation.

This position is ideal for fast learners interested in working for a well-established company with opportunities for creativity and gaining new skills.

For the complete job description and contact details for this position, please visit:

Web Developer / Programmer at Atlantic Packaging – Employment Opportunity


How Product Packaging Can Help You Reach More Customers

Retail Label Inspection

Retail packaging for consumer goods is a critical part of your overall marketing campaign.  Studies have determined that consumers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by product packaging. Research has even dissected which aspects of the packaging has the greatest influence on buyers, including colors, images, innovation, and brand values.

Consider Your Overall Marketing Strategy

In order to make the most of your product packaging, it’s important to consider your overall marketing strategy and incorporate your messaging into your product package.  Use your logo, brand colors, tagline, and consistent fonts as well as any images or messages that correspond to all of these.

For instance, if your brand is more fun and playful, consider using fun facts, trivia, or “did you know” type of elements in your packaging.  If your brand is more elegant and upscale, think about simplifying the package with sleek colors and patterns that match your branding.

Trust and Professionalism

Excellent packaging using labels, sleeves, or cartons will make an impact on the buyer who may have dozens of options competing with your product on the shelves.

Modern, professional packaging conveys a level of trustworthiness in your brand.  Consistency in colors and branding across substrates and across other advertising platforms where consumers may have seen your product such as print ads, Facebook ads, twitter posts, and your website communicates professionalism that buyers can trust.

Colors, Fonts and Graphics

The famous and early pioneer of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky, is credited with matching colors to moods with his Color Theory.  His ideas are used widely in branding and marketing strategies to communicate the right tone for the product.

Yellow can be warm as in earth tones but also exciting as in loud brass instruments.  Yellow is used in packaging to convey energy and positivity.  Blue connotes peacefulness, calm, and focus.  This can be very good for reinforcing trust and dependability for your brand.  Red transmits strength, joy, and passion which can be used to make consumers feel excitement about your product.

In general, brighter colors are more playful while white or light colors are more clean and simple and black or dark colors are serious and powerful.  Green is often associated with products that are environmentally friendly and brands that are natural and earth conscious.


In a world largely driven by online social sharing, your packaging efforts can provide ripple effects for your overall marketing.  If the package is special enough and is an excellent showcase of your brand, it can inspire consumers to share photos of it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  These social shares are powerful testimonials for your brand and can harness the power of your loyal customers to build trust and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Packaging Worth Sharing

Where Do I Find Such Excellent Packaging?

Finding a printing and packaging company that you can trust with your brand is key to launching a successful product marketing campaign.  Atlantic Packaging was established in 1946 and we are trusted by major consumer manufacturers with their retail packaging including labels, sleeves, cartons.  We also handle equipment, materials, design and automation of full packaging lines including stretch wrapping, shrink packaging, flexible packaging and more.

Contact Atlantic today to find out how our people, our processes, our experience, and our expertise can help your product packaging align with your overall marketing efforts to give you an edge over the competition.

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Fresh Ideas for Packaging Fruits and Veggies


Looking for new ideas in packaging that will get your product moving off the shelves?  We’ve found some research on new trends that are helping to get fresh fruits and veggies into the hands of more consumers.

Go for Quantity

The use of films and flexible packaging in bagging and shrink wrapping your product lets you group more items together in multi-packs and encourages buyers to get more with every purchase.  It also increases the shelf life of the product compared to mesh bags.

Make It Easy

The easier you make it for people to use your fresh product, whether it’s for cooking or on-the-go snacking, the more likely it is that a buyer will choose it.

Some growers are packaging their product along with complementary ingredients and recipes for an all-in-one fresh food kit.  This can make it easier for shoppers to choose fresh over canned or frozen.  Packaging your product in single serving containers for quick and easy snacks is another way to make buying fresh easier on consumers.

Sometimes Flashier is Better

Packaging fresh food, including berries, apples, kale, sweet potatoes or seafood, can be made more appealing with a colorful, attractive carton or printed bag.  Package your product with images of fun characters or delicious food, depending on your audience and what they will like. This attention to detail can make fresh food more appealing, fun, or appetizing.

If you’re interested in exploring any of these ideas further, please contact Atlantic today to see how we can help you make great strides with your fresh food packaging: (800) 722-5841

Learn more:

Food Packaging
Serving the Produce Industry
Serving the Agriculture Industry

Source: Top trends in fresh food packaging –

Labels and Packaging

Don Stewart, Labeling expert with Atlantic Packaging

When it comes to packaging, labels are a critical part of the process, from barcoding to product identification, all the way through to retail labels.

Label printing and application are a specialized segment of the packaging industry and Atlantic is committed to offering full service labeling capabilities.  We have presses and press operators to generate the labels you need as you need them (see Labels in our Printing & Graphics division) and we have equipment resources and integration knowledge with Don Stewart, our in-house label expert (see our Consultants page).

Don has been working with labeling equipment and materials throughout his career, furthering his knowledge with each advance in technology.  His expertise is called upon in every industry we’re involved in, from automobiles to toys, tools, cleaning products, produce, poultry, and more. Don is also educated in the unique requirements and government standards that apply across all these different industries.

In addition to Don’s expertise, Atlantic also invests in the equipment that can keep up with the demand for increasingly more advanced requirements for barcoding and labels, including digital labelers for customized and smaller runs.  Terie Syme (also featured on our Consultants page and in the video below) is our go-to person for anything related to label printing and prepress and she makes sure that our customers get the best quality labels to meet their demands.

Count on Atlantic for all your labeling needs and be sure to explore our Printing & Graphics division to learn more about our printing capabilities.

Partnering with Paper Mills to Protect Product and Help Solve Problems

Jeff Billhorn with our Industrial Converting Operation working with a partner paper mill

Atlantic has an incredible depth of experience when it comes to working with paper mills.  We partner with the mills on many levels, from sourcing supplies and materials to providing advanced consulting and problem solving.

In 2014, we hired Ken Anderson, a film sales specialist with extensive experience working with paper mills.  Throughout his decades-long career, he has seen so many of the challenges that paper mills face in protecting, storing, and shipping their product.  Ken brings extremely valuable insights and problem solving skills to our paper making customers.  See how we serve the Paper Mill Industry.

We also partner with the mills through our paper converting operations.  Our unique capabilities in narrow width slitting and wide web printing as well as our die cutting, slitting, and rewinding operations continue to support long-standing relationships with our paper suppliers.  We also work to find opportunities and creative solutions for products obtained from the mills.

Contact Atlantic today to see how we can partner with you for long-term growth and success.

Equipment and Materials for Contract Packagers

Atlantic works with Contract Packagers around the country

Atlantic has been in the packaging industry for over 60 years.  Throughout this history, we’ve made a commitment to hiring exceptional people who know the business, whether it’s in shrink packaging, stretch wrapping, general equipment, or film knowledge.  This expertise together with our vast network of resources for equipment and materials makes Atlantic an outstanding partner for contract packagers.

We understand the need for contract packagers to have fast, reliable, and knowledgeable packaging support.  Time and time again, these customers call on Atlantic to get the equipment and materials they need for a contract packaging job because they know we can get them what they need, when they need it.

We have the connections necessary to acquire packaging equipment and materials quickly.  We have warehouses located throughout the country and dedicated logistics in place to get the materials to you as needed.  And our technicians are capable of getting the systems installed and maintained throughout the project.

We invite you to learn more about our work and experience with contract packagers and to see more of the services we can offer to help achieve a successful project.

Contact Atlantic today: (800) 722-5841

Paper Converting – Sheeting, Die Cutting, Cartons & More

Brad Fields and Jeff McAuley – Atlantic Industrial Paper Converting

Paper converting is a cornerstone of Atlantic’s product offering.  This manufacturing arm of our business allows us to create unique paper and packaging products that meet the exact specifications of our customers.  We have equipment for slitting and rewinding roll stock to create smaller rolls, from 3/8″ narrow width and up, that our customers can use or that we can use for sheeting, die cutting, printing, and making custom folding cartons, all in-house.

In over 4 decades of industrial paper converting, we’ve developed valuable, long-standing relationships with our paper suppliers that allows us to secure competitive pricing and fast turnarounds on materials.  We’ve expanded our equipment and facilities, continually dedicating resources so that we can offer our customers comprehensive programs that simplify their vendor sourcing.

When you choose Atlantic, you gain a partner that is committed to your success.  From seasonal packaging to limited runs, high volumes, and custom products, our industrial converting team can work with you from the very inception of your product.  We want to make your job easier by taking on responsibilities starting with design and moving through production, inventory management, and delivery throughout the U.S.

Contact Atlantic today to learn more about our industrial paper converting products and capabilities.

Packaging Equipment Technicians – The Best of the Best

Ken Fields, Atlantic Stretch Wrapper Technician
Ken Fields, Atlantic Stretch Wrapper Technician

Atlantic’s packaging equipment technicians are among the best in the business.

We have approached our technical service offering with a strategy of investing in expertise and assembling a group of technicians who are leaders in their fields.  Whether it’s maintenance on stretch wrappers, shrink packaging, integration, or general packaging line equipment, our technicians are able to help our customers achieve their goals of improving productivity and uptime while reducing waste and preventing product damage.

Through our CrownCare preventative maintenance program, customers receive priority service that is designed to help ensure long-term success by extending the lifespan of their packaging equipment and minimizing the recurring costs of owning and operating the equipment.

We are proud to have technicians on staff who are truly leading the field in packaging equipment service and support.  With the help and expertise of Atlantic technicians, our customers can trust their packaging line to run at optimal performance over the long-term.

Custom Design for Folding Cartons

Danny Woodlief, Folding Carton Designer at Atlantic Packaging
Danny Woodlief, Folding Carton Designer at Atlantic Packaging

Folding cartons are used for a wide variety of retail and wholesale packaging, from medical device to food, health and beauty items, and industrial products.

Atlantic is heavily involved in folding carton design, manufacturing, and printing for all these industries and more. We are privileged to have Danny Woodlief, a custom designer for folding cartons, among our extremely talented staff (look for Danny among our Consultants). Danny has spent his 30-year career working with folder-gluers, high-speed die cutting machines and custom packaging design.  He was instrumental in scaling Atlantic Printing & Graphics division into the current 65,000 sq. ft. Tabor City facility and developing our folding carton operation.

Danny works directly with our customers to understand their unique specifications for cartons and presents designs that can meet these needs, including snap-lock and auto bottoms, tuck ends, seal ends, tray styles, display, and more.

Please visit Atlantic Printing & Graphics to see how we can help you with your folding carton design, printing, and production.