Customer Spotlight – DryCASE

We visited with our customer, DryCASE, this spring to get an inside look at their business and to find out what matters most to them as they continue to grow their product base year after year.

The waterproof technology that powers DryCASE products started with a revolutionary iPhone case in 2009.  As mobile devices have continued to proliferate and become a part of our minute-to-minute existence, DryCASE has updated and expanded their waterproof offerings to protect these devices while we’re outdoors and on-the-go.

Atlantic worked with DryCASE to develop unique folding cartons for their waterproof bags that represent their brand in the best possible way.  Using colors and cut-outs, Danny Woodlief, our carton designer, along with Atlantic Printing & Graphics, came up with attractive and functional packaging ideal for the outdoor lifestyle retail shelves where you can find these products.

DryCASE Cartons

As DryCASE continues to expand their reach and their product offerings, we’re able to scale our own services to grow right alongside them.

Atlantic is uniquely suited to partnering with customers who are in rapid growth mode. Our range and scope of products, services, and expertise is a match at every stage of business development.

Thank you to DryCASE for working with us to create this spotlight and for trusting us with your retail carton packaging.  We look forward to a long future working together.

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Consistency and Precision for the Medical Device Industry

Customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries have a real demand for consistent, quality products that meet rigorous specifications. They rely on having a dependable source for wearables, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleanroom supplies, tamper-resistant labels, cartons, and end of line packaging materials to keep their operation safe and efficient.

At Atlantic, we understand that timing is important, responsiveness is key, quality is non-negotiable, and pricing must be competitive.

Our network of resources ensures that supplies remain consistent and can meet surges in demand.  We have a broad offering for our medical device and pharmaceutical customers with the convenience of being a single, reliable supplier.

With fast turnaround times and full accountability, customers rely on Atlantic for consistency and precision. This is what has kept our business growing for 70 years and what we hang our hat on every day.

Learn more about supplies for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Contact Atlantic to connect with a sales person today: (800) 722-5841

Stretch Film University

Over the last decade, we’ve hired material and equipment experts in-house to help give our customers an edge when it comes to choosing the right films and the right equipment settings for their specific applications.  We’ve seen first-hand how successful this strategy has been in terms of protecting their products and reducing their material costs.

Stretch Film University is a program developed by these experts in our stretch packaging field. Customers are invited to come to our Charlotte, NC facility to get a close-up look at our data-driven approach to stretch wrapping. We start with an informative presentation, then demonstrate a variety of wrap patterns and settings on our test equipment. We also show how tracking material usage will help keep customers’ stretch operation in optimal performance.

Because differences or changes in stretch film application are not apparent simply by looking at a wrapped pallet, you can apply a pound of film or 4 ounces of film to a load and it will look exactly the same. Stretch Film University reveals the differences in film application and educates our customers on proper application for best performance and lowest cost.

Contact Atlantic to learn more and to book a session at Stretch Film University: (704) 588-1400.

LoadLogic – A Smarter Approach to Packaging

Distribution centers handle a wide variety of products that need to be sorted, packed, and shipped throughout the day.  This variety presents a challenge when it comes to stretch wrapping. The loads coming through the wrapper vary in size and weight from pallet to pallet. The default setting is that every pallet gets wrapped as if it’s the heaviest and bulkiest load they can make. While this ensures protection for the products, it also results in wasted materials and inefficiencies in the stretch wrapping operation.

Atlantic Packaging’s engineers went to work configuring settings for the wrapper that would accommodate loads of any size and weight in order to minimize material usage while still protecting the products.  They came up with 9 unique wrap patterns that can be pre-programmed and customized for any distribution facility.  LoadLogic takes a measurement of each load coming into the wrapper and calls up the appropriate wrap pattern based on these measurements.

The end result is an automated system that produces efficiently and effectively wrapped pallets at an overall lower unit cost.

Learn more about LoadLogic and call us to find out how to get it installed in your distribution center: (704) 588-1400 (Atlantic in Charlotte, NC).

Stories of Change – Keeping Up With My Girls

While out playing with his three beautiful daughters, a school-yard fence got between Horace and the reality that his weight was preventing him from keeping up with his girls.

“I knew then that I had to make a change. And that’s where my journey began” ~ Horace Johnson

On his own, Horace set out to learn about proper nutrition and exercise.  And along the way, he learned that consistency is what ultimately leads to success.

Over the course of 3 years, Horace Johnson, a long-time Atlantic employee in Atlanta, GA, has lost 77 pounds. His story is truly an inspiration to anyone looking to make a change for the better.

Atlantic Packaging to Exhibit at IPPE 2016

Atlantic brings 40 years of packaging expertise in the poultry processing industry. At IPPE 2016, Atlantic will showcase a selection of packaging equipment designed specifically for the processing environment, including stainless steel machines. They will also have on display a variety of products including stretch film, tape, labels, and cartons that are all critical needs in this business.

Atlantic has a dedicated team for their poultry, meat and processing customers (See: Food Packaging for Meat and Poultry Processing). They understand the unique demands of this branch of the food industry and offer critical response time and accountability on equipment service and material delivery. They are also valuable consultants when it comes to choosing films, printed products, and packaging equipment.

At IPPE 2016, Atlantic’s booth B8317 will feature the following equipment:

➢ Pearson CE25 Case Erector
➢ Pearson CS25 Case Sealer
➢ Pearson BI18 Bag Inserter
➢ CTM 360A Labeler
➢ CTM 3600 Corner Wrap Labeler
➢ Wexar Bel 505 Semi Case Erector
➢ Wexar Bel 150 Stainless Case Sealer
➢ Wulfec 150 Stainless Steel Low Profile Stretch Wrapper
➢ CodeTech X1JET printer
➢ Texwrap Automatic in-Line Stainless Steel L-Sealer with tunnel
They will also display a selection of bin liners, bin covers, VFFS film, CVP bags, barrier films, and other products they feature for the processing industry.
Visit Atlantic at Booth B8317 at IPPE 2016 and find a partner you can count on.

Customer Spotlight – Origin Food Group

This past fall, we visited our customer Origin Food Group in Statesville, NC to find out how they got started producing nutritious dairy products and how they’ve grown into the business they are today.  We also talked to them about how Atlantic figures into their day-to-day operation.

Orgin Food Group was started as partnership between the Alarcon family of Ecuador who had led the market in drinkable yogurt products and the Stamey family of farmers in Statesville, NC.  The Stameys had sold cattle to the Alarcons in Ecuador and struck up this partnership as a way to bring farm-fresh, nutritious yogurt products to the mid-Altantic.

Origin produces their own private label of farm-fresh, fortified drinkable yogurt under the name Frutel.  They also co-pack their high quality yogurt for other brands.  Atlantic creates the shrink sleeves for all these brands and also works closely with the sales and production team to troubleshoot any issues on their line and to find ways to improve efficiency.

It means so much to us to hear Origin refer to Atlantic as a partner in their organization.  That is the value we strive to bring to all our customers, whether it’s with inventory control, printing and graphics, or paper converting.  We’re on the front lines with you assuming risk and responsibility for the products you bring to market.

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Stories of Change – Atlantic Wellness

In 2015, employees at Atlantic completed a step-based Wellness Challenge that collectively totaled 322,000 miles over 6 months.

We also held our first ever Biggest Loser Weight Loss Contest. Together, we lost over 1,000 pounds.

We wanted to find out what has changed in the lives of people who participated.  How did they achieve their weight loss?  What did they learn?  And how are they doing now?

Hear what employees have to say in our series, Stories of Change.

Jim Steranka in Charlotte was the company’s #1 Biggest Loser.

Charme Blanchard in Greensboro was the company’s 2nd Place Biggest Loser.

Amy Scott was the branch Biggest Loser in Tabor City.

The Atlantic – Rusty Carter Scholarship Fund for CFCC

Meet Anna Vancina, a Cape Fear Community College Student and a recipient of the Atlantic Packaging – Rusty Carter Scholarship.

Cape Fear Community College is located in downtown Wilmington, NC, just a few miles from the Wilmington office of Atlantic Packaging.  The college has grown exponentially over the last decade and is an invaluable resource for returning students, for students pursuing technical training and a variety of degrees, or for those looking to save money before moving on to a bigger university.  The programs at CFCC are well-regarded and serve our community by producing motivated and educated graduates who seek jobs and business opportunities right here at home.

For years, we have supported students at CFCC through the Atlantic Packaging – Rusty Carter Scholarship.  These are funds contributed by employees with a company match and are set aside to be used for students in need of financial assistance.  It can be used to help with books, to help a student pay for a program or to cover tuition costs.  It is especially helpful for students who don’t otherwise qualify for loans or financial aid and who may not receive money from family.

Since 2010, this scholarship has supported more than 40 CFCC students with over $19,000 in contributions.

It is so amazing to meet the motivated, and purpose-driven students – like Anna – who are scholarship recipients.  These are students who will make a real difference in our community and we are so excited to be able to help support them.

To make a donation to this scholarship fund online, visit and in the comments section, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship.”

Benchmark Pink Stretch Film – Contributing to Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer besides skin cancer among American women, according to In 2015, it’s estimated that just under 30% of newly diagnosed cancers in women will be breast cancers.

This is an alarming statistic and highlights the urgent need for research into treatments and, ultimately, a cure for this disease that affects approximately 1 in 8 U.S. women.  So many of us have close friends or family members who are being treated, have survived, or who have tragically lost their lives to breast cancer.

In light of this reality and in an attempt to help make a difference in the race to cure breast cancer, Atlantic developed our Pink Stretch Film Program where we contribute $1.00 per case or $15.00 per pallet for bulk purchase of our Benchmark EZ stretch film to the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of the leading research centers in America.

Atlantic launched our “Pink Stretch Film Program” in 2009 and, with the help of our customers, we’ve been able to contribute over $300,000 since then.  Just this year alone (2015) we contributed nearly $60,000 to this cause.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we honor this month by reaching out to our participating customers to tell them how much was contributed in their company’s name as a result of their purchase of Pink Stretch Film this year.

Thank you to our customers for taking part in this program and to the amazing researchers at UNC Lineberger for all the work you’re doing to investigate and improve the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.